A Look That Goes Well With Everything Makeup Tutorial PART 1: Prepping The Canvas

Late last year, I have finally embraced the fact that I am indeed so much in love with makeup and decided to  share my feelings to the world through a blog. I was thinking about a decent blog entry to begin with until @reemhameed suggested that I should do a tutorial of this look:

Pretty huh? Well the magic of makeup and perfect lighting did the trick ;). However, my mom noticed that this look was too harsh in person. I guess my L’oreal True Match foundation was too strong for everyday use. I’m using the shade W4 in this photo. Just in case you need a drugstore brand foundation that delivers. I still suggest this especially for humid days and outdoor events.

So, I’ll be tweaking this tutorial a little bit. I’ll be using Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation in shade Y255, instead of using my go-to foundation which is the  L’oreal True Match.


I bought this baby for PhP 2,700. Maybe a bit pricey but It might be worth every penny. I felt like I was not wearing any foundation at all. MInimum transfers and touch-ups. During my first week of use, no breakouts. So far, so good.

I promise to make a video tutorial soon but in the meantime, I’ll try to make this tutorial as fun and lively as possible using Boomerang and VSCO.

My pre-makeup tutorial self:


Step 1. Primer. Assuming that you have done your everyday skin care routine; cleanse, tone and moisturize, apply your primer of choice. I’m using ELF Poreless Face Primer (another drugstore brand that delivers!). Let it sit for about five minutes for optimum results.

Step 2. Foundation. Now you can apply your foundation using a brush or a sponge. I prefer using a dense stippling brush because it gives an airbrushed effect on skin when applying foundation. And blend your foundation down to your neck. Who wants to be a floating head anyway?

Step 3. Color-correction and Concealing. Those who don’t have any skin discoloration or dark circles can skip this step. I have developed under eye circles that no concealer can cover due to my shifting schedule at work.

You can’t be seen with under eye circles. Unless you’re a panda :3

Thanks to the power of internet and gazillion makeup tutorials, I discovered color-correction. Since the only problem I’m having is dark under-eye circles, I don’t see the need of purchasing a color-correcting palette. All I need is an old red lipstick (red with an orange undertone works better). According to the color wheel, dark under-eye circles has a blue undertone to it so, the red color tones it down.

All you have to do is dab the lipstick on your dark under eye circle. It will look something like this:

Blend it well…

Blend it well until you look like Harley Quinn.

And now you can put concealer (Covergirl’s Ready, Set Gorgeous!). Form an inverted triangle under your eyes so that it will highlight/ lift your face as well.

After all the dabbing and blending and color-correcting…

I lost my neck in this photo. Goodbye dark under-eye circles!

Step 4. Set your base. Dust on some fixing/translucent powder (Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder) to keep oiliness at bay…

Don’t forget the T-ZONE!

That’s all for Part 1. I hope it helps you out! I’ll be posting the next part next Sunday. If you have questions, feel free to leave your comments below. Follow me on instagram @strawberrykaek.

Until next week, bye! xoxo


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