A Look That Goes Well With Everything Makeup Tutorial PART 2: Critical Framework

Last week, I started my multipart make-up tutorial of this look: 

A Look That Goes Well With Everything (Makeup Tutorial Part 1)

In the first post, I showed you how I apply my foundation, which is an integral part of every look. Now we go on the next part, the step in which I consider the framework that will determine our final look, and is something that can be somewhat difficult to master, but is very rewarding when done perfectly.


As you can see, I have a round face and there’s not much I can do to emphasize my beauty using traditional makeup techniques. Then I discovered contouring. It changed my makeup game completely. THIS STEP IS AGAIN, IS OPTIONAL. If you have a good bone structure, you may not need to do this as much as I do but it is a worthwhile skill to learn especially if you have friends which could benefit greatly from it. I prefer using a contouring powder (BYS Contour Trio in Sassy) about 4 shades darker than my skin tone for a more chiseled look. Blending is key.

Step 1. Draw a (slant) line under the apples of your cheek, the hollow part when you do the fish face and around your jaw line and forehead as shown in this photo:

Step 2. Don’t forget the nose line!

Step 3. Blend! Blend! Blend! 

Blend the contour line upwards to avoid it from being messy (especially when using a very dark contouring powder); I used my finger to blend my nose line.

For baking, I baked my under-eye circles first to prevent my concealer from creasing and then after blending my contour, I baked my jawline, the bridge of my nose and my chin to add more definition. 🙂 Loose powder for baking: Nichido Final Powder in Creamy Glow.


C.1. Time to do the brows! 

Step 1. Using a spoolie, comb your brows to keep them in place.

Doing my brows while baking 🙂

Step 2. Fill in thy brows with thy brow powder of choice. Actually I was using an eyeliner cake to fill in my brows (JAZZY France eyeliner cake in Brown) instead of a brow gel or powder.


For this makeup mishap, all you have to do is grab a spoolie, and blend (again) your brows.

I already dusted the loose powder after blending my eyebrows.

There you go, BROWS ON FLEEK. 🙂

C.2. Now, let’s do the eyes.

Step 1. With a small shadow brush, i dabbed some eyeshadow on the outside corner of my eyelid to open up my eyes using the darkest brown shade of my eyeshadow palette (BYS Matte in Desert Safari)

Step 2. And then for the nth time, blend!!! I used a blending blush to remove the harshness of my eyeshadow, by blending it inwards.

It will look like this once blended:

Step 3. After the eyebrows and eyeshadow, you can now add your eyeliner and mascara.

I like using brown (The FaceShop Ink Graffi in Ink Brown) instead of a black eyeliner because it makes me look more awake and my eyes looks softer when using a brown eyeliner.

And mascara for gorgeous lashes (curling up your lashes is optional).

For my lashes, I’m using Maybelline’s Lash Sensational mascara. I like it because there’s no clumping of the product on my lashes.

We are almost done! For next, week I will be showing you how I finished this look. Part three will be about putting on blush and highlighter. And also I will be showing you different looks with this makeup by just changing my lip color. So stay tuned!

*For more of my makeup looks, follow me on instagram. 🙂 

Until next week, bye!!! xoxo


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