A Look That Goes Well With Everything Makeup Tutorial PART 3: Finishing Touches

Hello Everyone!

I was supposed to publish this post last sunday but due to my busy work schedule and unexpected circumstances, I was not able to. My apologies for the delay.

I started this multipart tutorial last January and I can’t believe that we are already in the last part! I have already shown you how I did my base, contour and my eyes. For this part, I will be showing you how I did my finishing touches.

So this is how I look after doing my base, contour and eyes:

I look quite pale, right? It’s no surprise because after layering my face with foundation, contour and loose powder, my face will somehow look dull. Adding a pop of color will minimize this. 


Since I have brown skin, having rosy cheeks is my beauty obsession. When I was younger, I used to  be called out by my mom because my cheeks look so red that I already looked like a clown. Thankfully, makeup formulations have improved and it is now easier to achieve that rosy flush without looking like a freak.

My current favorite is Human ❤ Nature Mineral Blush in Pink Glow. It’s so pigmented and it flatters any skin tone. I highly recommend this because it looks natural and absolutely perfect for lazy days.

I picked up some product using my blush brush and swiped it on  the apples of my cheeks then upwards slightly above my contour line to add definition. As seen on this clip:

Now that I already have that much coveted rosy cheeks (as seen from the picture below),  I will now show you how I apply my highlighter. 

I was not a fan of this technique before because it tend to accentuate my blemishes and my face tend to look oilier than it should be. And again, thanks to the power of internet because I was able to have access on gazillion makeup tutorials, and I was able to learn how to apply highlighter. I use a cream highlighter (Benefit’s High Beam) and a highlighter/stippling brush from It’s My Brush (Althea Korea). 

Since I have oily skin, I only apply my highlighter on these areas:

I just put a small dot on these areas and blend it using my highlighter brush. A little goes a long way because over doing it will make you look like a  disco ball.

About this size on each area. 🙂

Reiterating, BLENDING IS KEY. And this is how my face looks like after putting on some cream highlighter:

My face looks dewy, not oily; Just like a delicious glazed donut. ❤


Lastly, your look will not be complete without a perfect pout. What I LOVE about this look is that it can go from day to night with just one swipe. I used liquid lipsticks in all of my looks (Refer to the photo caption for the brand and shade).


Matte lipsticks are my go-to lipsticks since it has more staying power than gloss. I just make sure that I prep my lips well (exfoliate and moisturize) before application to avoid dried, chapped lips.

E.1.1. PINK 

Day look with a pop of color 🙂

Pink Sugar’s Sugar Tint in Purrfect Pout

E.1.2. NUDE

“NO MAKEUP”makeup achieved. 🙂

Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipsticks and Lip Liner in Candy K

E.1.3. BROWN

Bringing out the 90’s vibe baby!

Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipstick and Lip Liner Dolce K

E.1.4. RED

Perfect for Valentine’s Day. ❤

  Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipstick and Lip Liner in Mary Jo K


I seldom use lipgloss because it feels tacky and it doesn’t stay long on my lips.I only use them when my lips are so dry and needs moisture and color.


If you want that sweet, innocent look, this look is perfect especially if  you’re going to attend a wedding or any daytime event.

Revlon’s Colorstay Moisture Stain in 010 LA Exclusive


If you want a conservative outtake on the classic red lip, this look is for you.

Revlon’s Colorstay Moisture Stain in 045 New York Scene

And that’s all for my multipart makeup tutorial. I hope that you find this tutorial useful especially if you were just beginning to do your own makeup. There is no right or wrong way on how to apply makeup, the possibilities are endless. All you have to do is practice and have fun! 

For my next entry, I will be sharing with you my thoughts on INGRID COSMETICS’ HD Shimmer Powder and Makeup Base and also JAZZY FRANCE’s  Eyebrow Gel. Stay tuned because one of these items can be a dupe of a holy grail product!

For comments, questions and suggetions, just leave your comments below or follow me on instagram, @strawberrykaek.

Until nexr time, bye!!! xoxo


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